Verde is a Midland, Texas-based chemical distributor dedicated to innovative and disruptive solutions for the upstream oil and gas industry. We are committed to bringing products to market that will increase well performance and lower operating cost by delivering solutions that our competition cannot offer.

We are an idea company, attacking problems in unconventional ways and delivering results the industry has never seen before. Our technology stretches the boundaries of possibility and opens opportunities to produce oil and natural gas that has been beyond the industry’s reach until now.

Our surfactants, scale inhibitors, paraffin dispersants and other additives are unique, tested and have proven to deliver increased production while lower operating costs allowing the fracturing process to become more effective in transitioning to a stronger and smoother production operation. We deliver value to every project, no matter how large or small and we take pride in our ability to maximize flow from high producers while extending the lives of marginal wells.

Our customers include many of the industry’s largest and most prolific producers who depend on our technology to deliver the competitive edge they need in a highly competitive and challenging industry

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Privateer Consulting
Privateer Consulting